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We offer many excellent solutions for men’s hair loss at our salon.

Many men begin to lose their hair as they age, although it can happen even to those who are still young. We understand that dealing with hair loss or thinning hair can be a blow to your confidence. However, it doesn’t have to be when you have access to the right solution. Our team at Apollo Hair of Lubbock has excellent solutions for men’s hair loss and the expertise to help you find the right solution for your needs.

Men’s Hair Loss in Midland, Texas

No one who comes to us for men’s hair loss solutions has the same needs, and that’s why we do our best to offer a diverse range of options. We would be happy to discuss your concerns and recommend a product or service that can address them, whether that solution is a hair loss treatment, hair thinning treatment, custom wig, custom hairpiece, or something else.

If you do choose a hair replacement system, such as a real or synthetic wig, we are confident that we have options to match your natural hair color and texture. You can rest assured that our hair replacement products look natural and will stay secure during the day.

We are proud to serve the Midland, Texas area, and we hope you’ll give us the opportunity to help you regain your self-confidence. We are fully licensed, certified, and insured, and we’re always trying to improve our services for men’s hair loss. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary, no-obligation consultation.

At Apollo Hair of Lubbock, we offer solutions for men’s hair loss in Lubbock, Abilene, Amarillo, Austin, Big Springs, Midland, Wichita Falls, and Wolfforth, Texas; Albuquerque, Clovis, Hobbs, Roswell, and Santa Fe, New Mexico; and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


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