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Rely on our team to answer your questions and offer solutions for hair loss.

While the loss of your hair might be frustrating, that frustration might be even greater if you are unsure of your options. At Apollo Hair of Lubbock, we treat clients from age 20 and up, all with the same questions that you might have about hair replacement for men in the Roswell, New Mexico area.

Hair Replacement For Men in Roswell, New Mexico

The first step is to understand that there are different kinds of hair loss. The most common is androgenetic alopecia, which is another name for male-pattern baldness. People with this genetic disease usually have a receding hairline and thinning hair at the crown. Stress, changes in hormones, medical conditions, and some medicines can also cause hair loss.

When considering whether you’re a candidate for hair replacement for men, it’s good to know that we help people at various stages of hair loss, customizing a treatment that works best for them. No matter where you’re at in your hair journey, you’ll likely be a good candidate for one of our treatments. We can tell you more once we complete a consultation, as there are a few additional factors to consider.

During your consultation, we will talk about your hair goals and offer options to help you reach your dream of having a fuller head of hair. All our treatments are non-surgical and allow you to return to your normal activities in no time. Once your treatment is complete, you’ll just need to come back every 4 to 6 weeks for a follow-up appointment.

Hair replacement for men has come a long way since our company started almost 40 years ago. If you’re curious about how we can help you in the Roswell area, contact our team today.

At Apollo Hair of Lubbock, we offer hair replacement for men in Lubbock, Abilene, Amarillo, Austin, Big Springs, Midland, Wichita Falls, and Wolfforth, Texas; Albuquerque, Clovis, Hobbs, Roswell, and Santa Fe, New Mexico; and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.